The Indyn story

Machine vision is a niche engineering discipline. It requires a solid understanding of imaging technologies in all its forms. This capability needs to be coupled to a broad understanding of the image processing platforms that are available and how they may be applied in different applications.
All of that does not matter unless the complete system can be effectively implemented in a production scenario.
The Indyn story is a process of how these skills have been acquired and implemented.

Core strengths

Strong expertise in natural products where there are no geometric features.
This requires expertise in niche areas of technology

Photonics expertise

Indyn specializes in difficult applications which require an advanced understanding of photonics in the visible and non visible range.
These technologies are rapidly advancing and require constant attention to remain current.

AI expertise

Of course being able to handle the data produced by these systems is essential in order to maximize efficiency. Indyn is familiar with the most advanced image processing platforms including AI and deep learning packages.


Indyn is not a dealer in photonic system components. Systems designed and built by Indyn use the optimal hardware and software components available so you can be sure that your system is as good as technology can make it

The Indyn team

Rob Martin, CEO and co founder

With fifteen years direct experience in machine vision design, installation and marketing, Rob has been involved in many advanced inspection projects.
Most of this experience has been gained in high speed processing lines in Asia.
Rob now brings a deep understanding of advanced photonics to the Platypus program, along with extensive knowledge and understanding of international marketing skills.

Mike Nolan, CTO and co founder

Mike spearheads Indyn's research and application development on various AI tools to handle image processing applications.
Mike has extensive experience in electronics and software engineering working in Australia and Europe. Over the past 30 years Mike has worked at all levels of Microsoft product software development.
More recently Mike has led Indyn's application of various AI tools in agribusiness applications ranging from coconut inspection to various cereals grading.

That is not the whole story

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