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Machine vision based inspection solutions for industry

Machine vision explained

Simply put, machine vision is the use of cameras to perform inspections, usually in place of the human eye.

M‚Äčachine vision is a niche branch of automation engineering. It requires specialized skills in a wide range of technologies, including:

  • imaging systems
  • photonics
  • Artificial intelligence (AI)

Indyn has developed the skills necessary to develop the required inspection and integrate these technologies into existing production lines.

The following examples show what we mean.

Key Industries

Machine vision has applications in most industries. Here are some examples.

Indyn is a leader in inspection and grading systems for grains, lentils, beans, coffee and a wide variety of other products.

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The integrity of food packaging is crucial to customer confidence. Machine vision can help.

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Product consistency and defect avoidance are crucial in most high speed production lines.

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Natural products present special problems for machine vision systems. This is an Indyn strength.

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Platypus grain inspection platform

Indyn has developed the Platypus grain inspection platform.
Platypus is a machine vision based inspection system uniquely adapted to inspection and grading of natural products such as grains and cereals.
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