Fruit cup seal inspection

Food container seal inspection is a common application

Image processing

The image processing functions needed to be quite fast. If a reject was detected, the part needed to be ejected at the adjacent reject station. The process time per part image was only a few milli seconds.
Deep learning technology was used to account for the random nature of the defects.

The result

The system as deployed did not require operator intervention on a routine basis.

The last defect images were displayed and could be logged if required for defect tracking purposes.
In addition the system could "track" the running defect average and warn of impending problems before they became a serious process issue.

Process speed was adequate. In this case each part took 0.036 sec to process.
This means that the image processing system w‚Äčas adequate for the purpose. Also note that the system could apply a "confidence" value to confirm the level of certainty. This feature could be used to futher refine system performance.

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