inspect, assess, value
grains and cereals

Ever since ancient times people have produced and traded grains and cereals based on visual inspection..

 The subjective nature of human inspection causes uncertainty, disputes and losses throughout the supply chain.


A system designed to be operated and maintained by existing personel.
Here are some of the more inportant features and specifications.

What does Platypus do?

Performs visual inspection to current GTA standards, which are:

  • accurate
  • repeatable
  • traceable
  • reproducible

Platypus can also provide:

  • dispute resolution
  • grain variety determination

Platypus. Complete versatility.

Platypus variants

There is a Platypus model designed for each point in the grain supply chain.

But EVERY Platypus system uses the same inspection algorithm, so you be certain that the results you produce, can be reproduced on any other Platypus system.

Receival lab.
local processing

PLatypusL is designed for receival site labs where high speed is required.

Receival lab.
cloud processing

PlatypusE sends images to a cloud server for processing. Intended for smaller sites.

On farm

PlatypusF is a smaller, lower cost option also using cloud services. Speed is slower but accuracy is the same.

Process line

PlatypusP is under development. It is intended to provide QA support for moving loaders and elevators.

The Platypus process

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Fully flexible design

Platypus is designed to be a productive part of your process for many years to come.


The basic design concept is to provide production line reliability and perfomance, in the lab.


Platypus can operate manually or fully automatically with the addition of integrated cobot


Platypus comes complete with calibration test targets to ensure correct operation.


You can be certain that a sample processed on any Platypus system can be replicated with confidence at any other Platypus site.


Platypus can handle additional acccessories to provide even more capabilities going into the future.


Image collection

Images of each seed with adequate data need to be collected fast enough to be commercially useful. This has to be done at +2,500 grains per minute requiring special camera and lighting combination that permits high speed data acquistion.

Data processing

In Platypus, this is done by compiling composite images in the camera then transfering to a computer which isolates and orientates each seed image. The inspection algorithms run on each individual seed image to produce the result required.

Dependable results

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Calibration test targets are supplied with each Platypus system and are des​igned to be used by operatioal staff to confirm that system performance is within expected standards.


Indyn technicians can perform calibration and other diagnostic test remotely.
This ensures that Platypus​ up time is always optimized especially during periods of high use.


Standardised algorithm

Each Platypus algorithm is developed in collaboartion with the relevent regulatory authorities.
You can be certain that the data produced by your Platypus system can be faithfully read on any other Platypus. Anywhere!

To further ensure reproducibility on any Platypus system, Indyn will provide test artefacts (standard tested samples) to all clients who wish to participate. This service can be addded to your quality program to further ensure accuaracy and compliance.



Load/ unload

Platypus is designed to integrate seamlessly into existing facilities and is capable of communicating with other analytical systems.

In addition, Platypus can be run in either the Supervised or Unsupervised modes.
In Supervised mode, Platypus acts as an aid to the trained operator.
In unsupervised mode, Platypus will perform all analyses fully indepenedently, including management of results and notification of clients if that function is selected.

Modular accessories

Platypus is designed as a modular platform. Clients can simply add as much automation as may be required for any given site.
The range of modular accessories continues to expand but here are a few ideas.

Modular platform

The core of the Platypus system is a modular frame that supports the material handling system.
This system ensures that grains are presented to the imaging station in a stable manner.
The material handling system provides for a wide range of grains and cereals to be handled efficiently.
Most importantly, the grain path is easily cleared between sample runs. This feature prevents cross contamination of grains between samples.
The Platypus system can be fitted with an automated cleaning system if that is required, to ensure efficient unattended operation.

Additional modules?

Grain sorter module

Sorting grains is a time consuming task. But with Platypus it all becomes very simple.

Platypus can sort based on any "classification" present on any loaded inspection program.

Simply assign the classification (e.g. black tip) to one of the collection points and start the system.

To see the video, just click the link below.

Grain sorter module video

what next?

To find out how how Platypus can assist in your quality control and marketing programs, talk to Indyn or ask for a free demonstration.