System integration


Machine vision technology is moving rapidly. During the project review phase it is important to understand the key requirements of the client.
It is then necessary to assess the most appropriate set of technologies that can be expected to adequately complete the required tasks both now and within the forseeable future.
Doing this requires a solid understanding of both current and emerging technologies and what is takes to effectively deploy in a production environment.
Indyn has extensive experience in exactly these types of situations.


Most of the newer machine vision technologies require high level technical skills to deploy and operate in a commercially beneficial manner.
A complete and frank assessment must be made of the facility in question to ensure that the operational and engineering staff involved have an appreciation of the disciplines that modern industrial automation systems require.
Indyn can assist in this evaluation phase to ensure that the system supplied works effectively, not just in theory, but on a practical level, at your line.

At the end of the day, having the most advanced technology does not help unless it can be effectively used by your production team. Indyn pays great attention as to how the system will fit and work with your team to produce the best possble result.

Every project and application has its own problems and specifications. To find out how Indyn can assist with your special problem, just click here.