What is machine vision?

Over half of the human brain is dedicated to image processing..... making sense of the world around us.
In its simplest form, machine visioin simply replicates the eye and brain by using cameras and​ computers.

Indyn's approach

Most projects involve four stages of consideration. 
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Image collection

Cameras collect data which is useful to the task. But cameras come in many types and specifications. Selecting the correct technology is crucial

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Image processing

Once data is collected it must be processed to make the analysis and judgements required. THis determines the effectiveness of the system.

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Data management

The results obtained can be analysed and manipulated and stored in many ways. The abaility to review is usually an important part of the process.

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The ability to adapt the technology into existing production lines is critical. The system must be useful and manageable in the hands of production staff.

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